sandra kuhn with neat hair under the armpits back to nature - a hairy trend is back at the moment, there seems to be a big beauty trend in terms of body hair uk glueless lace front wigs to give. celebrities like bella thorne, miley cyrus, michelle rodriguez and madonna's daughter lourdes show up and put on a detail of special value: their armpits. this is not shaved, seems to be the celebrity ladies don't matter. they present with pride on instagram and co. their body hair. now find the first german stars seem to favor the trend. and how are we to the bushy appearance of rtl television presenter sandra kuhn in her show 'explosive' a couple of days ago, you understand? sandra kuhn with neat hair under the armpits the rtl star showed what is under their armpits. but set up! the presenter did not forget to come to attack. the full hair is a wig just stick as a small schmunzler thought. it was the 'explosive' making the debate about body hair even more fuel and with the subject, hinleiten.