This process is not very fast, but after nine months of treatment, and lively, she finally began to see a small amount of hair growth. I have hair loss, the removal of hair, like little sister. Alopecia areata is patchy hair loss in the head or body of a general growth in a few months. I'll get two or three patches in the past year, but they are not remarkable. My grandmother in brown eye liner color so that they into the hair on my head. If I had a particularly rough bald spots, my skin will put it with cortisone and it will be in a few weeks. Early in the autumn of last year, I noticed, I like crazy. Everywhere is the floor of the hair, my pillow, my clothes, winding in the spiral of my notebook., the first time I did not care too much. But after a two week, my glueless human hair lace wigs hair really began to thin, my head has a large piece of hair. I lost more than half of the hair in about four weeks. It looks really, really bad. Miraculously, it began to growth after 2 months, so I decided to study together in Buenos Aires and my school.