Jiangcheng, a woman to buy a woman to buy a hair to sell products hair dryer fire burning hair (reporter Liu Liying) recently, Chuanying district and South District Zhao bought a business door-to-door selling hair dryer, use it for the first time, the hair dryer suddenly spouting flames, burning the Zhao part of the hair. Ms. Zhao said that in the morning of December 15th, a girl knocked on her door and said that the hair dryer was on sale. Can not stand the girl's lobbying, Ms. Zhao spent 46 yuan to buy a hair dryer. The next day, Ms. Zhao after washing hair, come up with a http://www.wigshumanhair.co.uk/ hair dryer blowing hair, who knows just blew a few minutes they smelled a smell of burnt coke, then one regiment flame ejected from the hair dryer, scared she hurriedly the hair dryer to throw on the ground, but part of the hair was scorched. Later, discovered when she scanned the lace wigs hairdryer packaging, packaging no the name and address of the manufacturer, there is no qualified card, product manual, warranty card and so on. Jilin City Association staff to remind many of the home sales of poor quality small appliances without certification mark, some products in the structural design is unreasonable, there are security risks. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of small appliances, be sure to go to a regular shopping malls to buy, and ask for the invoice, must not be cheap to buy cheap products, so that they are not necessary personal injury.