the hair is really hard to get used to shortie! selena gomez is on instagram, with wet and, above all, wigshumanhair short hair. the new hairstyle: not a pixie, but not long, bob. a kurzbob! but let's face it: selena can't all wear, or not... it is even shorter: katy perry had already after the separation of orlando bloom for work that buzz cut decision. but he was yet again a few inches short. a raspelkurzen "buzz cut" really can't every woman wear, katy perry. funny side fact: fans, the singer is justin bieber suspiciously similar. hee hee, maybe a little. dear jessica, we will find you, great! really! but the glueless full lace wig hair is really hard to get used to. well, who in the 1980s, which is your power locks of love. otherwise, do we not on a date with the socket. why you posted this picture on instagram? you want your buddy, the designer john eshaya, happy birthday... okay, okay, okay, there will surely be a funny inside and you see too. ; -)